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How it works

Customize your Blanka e-commerce platform

1. Customize your platform

Since your business is unique, we allow you to customize all aspects of the Blanka platform — from the admin, to your email invoices — you can ensure your brand is front and center.

Create online stores with Blanka

2. Create online stores

Once you have customized your Blanka account, you can start building online stores for your customers.

Bill your customers with Blanka

3. Charge your customers

Once you have created amazing online stores for your customers, you can start making money. Blanka has a simple, yet completely custom billing service — so you can charge your customers what you want, when you want!


Complete theme customization

Your customers are unique, so we provide you with full theme control. From the homepage, to the checkout, to the email invoices and everywhere inbetween. You can even create reusable themes to reduce development time!

White label

Your brand is special to you and your customers, so why compromise it? We provide you with the ability to completely skin the Blanka platform, making it your platform.

Custom pricing

Just like your brand, your pricing is unique to your business. We allow you to define exactly how much you charge each of your customers and when.

Instant recurring billing

To become a real online business you need a robust way to bill your customers each month, so we provide an integrated billing solution — Just connect your Stripe account and we do the rest. No more chasing payments!


We live in the post-globalized era, which means you can sell to everyone, everywhere, and at any time. To help you move seamlessly into new markets we support multiple languages and currencies.

Much, much more using our API...

We also provide an extensive RESTful API that allows you to create everything from shipping and ERP integrations, to mobile and third-party apps.


Blanka Basic

$30 / store / month

Up to 10 online stores
Customizeable themes
Recurring billing up to $1k p/m
Limited API
Basic Reporting
Email support

Blanka Pro

$50 / store / month

Up to 50 online stores
Customizeable themes
Recurring billing up to $10k p/m
Limited API
Basic reporting
8/5 Email support

Blanka Enterprise


Unlimited online stores
Customizeable themes
Recurring billing up to $1MM p/m
Unlimited API
Advanced reporting
Multi-tennent stores
24/7 Phone & email support

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